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UPDATES - 17/07/2016







The Version.dat was actually Broken, This mean's you will need to manually update your client.

To do this, Please locate to your C Drive, (My Computer / ThisPC) Go to Local > Users > Your user, Find (Daemonheim) and Delete it.

To download the new client please see Here... <
Delete your CACHE before you run the new client.

To download the new client.. Go here.

updates include;

#1. complete load graphic change

#2. both major and minor bug fixes.

#3. improved game handling.

#4. drops rates increased (better chance at obtaining rare items)


~ Karl

Pirtex To DaemonHeim Change

Well, The moment a lot of you have been waiting for, I have been in recent talks with William and we came together to bring you a great server which not only has a ton of content, but enough to draw you into the game like ever before.

Please note, The server is now known as Daemonheim, and not Pirtex.

Formerly known as *Hades*

I'm going to keep this short and simple, however i am going to answer some questions which may Arise.

#1 My account has been reset? Yes, that's correct, As this will be a Solid base from now on, the base will not change, so no need to worry about losing all your stats, The only stats which will be restored will be people who have Donated, the reason for this is that i have to do it all Manually and one account will take about 20 minutes.

#2 I had really good item's on Pirtex! , You can get them again, this Economy is much cleaner and neater to suit you, not only that i have listened to the player's and the players now have what they asked for, this includes... All Nex Gear, Trickster, Battle Mage, Custom Whips, & Yes, ofcourse, Drygores.

#3 If you had donated, please see me personally in-game or post a comment on here.

#4 If you come across any bugs, please inform me, Please note, you can now access dungeoneering but you will get stuck, So at this moment.. please don't do it as i have not finished it yet & i am working on it in *live mode*

I hope you all enjoy this experience and have noticed a rapid change on Pirtex over the last few week's, it is safe to say that this base is here to stay and will continue being improved from this point forward.

Some Noticeable Features!

Bandos Avatar
Grand Exchange (100%)
Diving & Flowers (100%)

Complete Interface change & Shop change
Lot's of new item's including Drygores!
Zombies Minigame with own Custom shop!

Log in to find out the rest.. ;)

Here is the download link.
See you in-game!

~ Karl

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